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About Me

     I have contributed to more than 300 episodes of content across 23 different series, as an artist, Lead Artist, and CG Supervisor. Changing things up a bit, I am now a Creative Manager for Magic: The Gathering, Universes Beyond, a worldwide competitive tabletop card game that collaborates with existing IPs.

I am a self motivated leader with a focus on hitting a project's creative on time and on budget.

I fully believe that a product is only as good as its talent, and that creative talent should be fostered and supported by the production's leadership. I like to focus on mentorship and career development for my teams, investing my energy into their futures in return for the time they give to the project.


With an eye for forecasting and problem solving, I enjoy setting pipeline and processes, as well as contributing to the collective whole of a project with teams smarter than me. 

 #nerd #cg #Minnesota #Seattle #hiker #cookiebaker #travelEnthusiast

#DNDBarbarian #AkaliPlayer #Kdramafan #YAFantasyAuthor #RedBlackPlayer

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Seattle, WA

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