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Wizards of the Coast

Creative Manager for MTG Universes Beyond

starting 09/2022

  • Leading a cohesive and high-functioning group of creative game designers and art directors by managing their workloads, developing their skills, keeping close tabs on resourcing, and encouraging a culture of inclusivity and excellence.

  • Developing a culture of teamwork and integration between the creative team, game design, and our IP partners — as well as product design, business development, producers, and our worldbuilding team.

  • Leading the process and execution of a large volume of Universes Beyond creative card content, including: crafting variations in processes to fit each project with our production teams and seeing around corners to help set up your team for success.

  • Identifying the need for external subject matter experts, freelance art buyers and writing talent for various IPs and partnering with the Resource Manager on recruiting, sourcing and outreach.

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