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Let's Talk About - Turning Red

Just Wow.

This movie is such a gem. It's ridiculous in it's premise, yet it manages to capture heartfelt relationships and that 90's vibe.

First of all, Pixar is a master at what they do (no surprise there). The animation is smooth and impactful. The groom on Mei as a red panda is so soft and cute. Plus the color palette of this movie is full on sailor moon pastels, and I love every second of it.

The story is top notch. It is refreshing to see a female lead story, written, and directed by a female. There is authenticity in every moment. (I personally really related to the moment Mei started doodling fan art of herself and her love interest in her notebook, then was petrified when her mother found it.). If someone else had tried to create this, it wouldn't be the same. I truly believe the only reason this movie worked the way it did is because the person behind the screen lived part of this truth. Hopefully they dont turn into a red panda.

To all the haters out there, women have periods, that's life. Its treated as a taboo in our culture (to a degree) and seeing it represented in a children's movie is the start of a new era.

My body, my panda.


PS- Pixar, keep promoting up new talent. Congrats Domee Shi.

Every other person out there with a story to tell, keep going.

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