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Speaking / Webinars

2022 WOSC - Being your Authentic Self in Your Professional Life

Women of Siggraph Committee

2022 Rise Up @Nick - Entry Level Art Roles

Discussed entry level opportunities across all areas of animation at Nickelodeon.

2021 CTN - CG Animation at Nick

Talked about the behind the scenes of Rugrats via a video stream.

2021 WVFX - Confidence in the Workplace

Part of a panel talking about empowering women, being a self advocate, and what its like to work in vfx/animation today.

2021 SCAD Film Festival - Nickelodeon Animation

From 2D to 3D: A Look into the Evolution of Two of Nickelodeon's Biggest Titles

2021 Annecy/NickTalks - Nickelodeon Animation Studios - Women in Animation

Represented Nickelodeon at WIA World Summit talking about representation of genders in television

2021 Wacom - BH Photo - Substance Painter Demo

3 Part Animation Webinar Series

2021 Wacom Webinar

CG 101 - Where to Start

2020 Rise up @Nick - The CG Pipeline 

Talked with Sandi Smith about how CG Animation is made at Nick

2020 Women of Nick Animation - Nickelodeon

Part of studio compilation

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